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In a world where the best gets better faster than you can blink, Vakratunda System has redefined quality and effectiveness in website development. Our top designers, programmers and conceptualises design, develop, program, host, and maintain elegant websites and dynamic portals that match and even excel the best internationally.

Vakratunda System, a professional web design and search engine optimization company designs, develops and optimizes websites for clients all over the world. The advantage of dealing with us is vast experience and expertise of handling web based projects from remote, understanding of client′s requirements, a professional team who has experience of dedicated subjects including project visualization, flash design, web design in HTML, logo design, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, email marketing with client co-ordination, competitive prices without any hidden cost and ability to keep long term relationship with clients.

We offer web-based solutions for clients in India and abroad. Our strength lies in need assessment, visualising the concept, managing content, applying cutting edge technology for web designing, offering cost effective solutions, delivering jobs on time, and meeting our ultimate objective: client satisfaction.

Our philosophy

easy to use

We know you care about your business, not fiddling with software. With this in mind, we set out to design our product in a way that is simple and intuitive to use. Our goal is for you to be productive right away, without wasting time on training or slogging through a manual.

powerful features

Easy to use software doesn’t have to be less capable. We believe you should have all the essential tools to run your business. We want our software to be friendly as you start, and then surprise you with how deeply capable it is as you go.

designed for people

We believe that even business software can be made beautiful. Using it should make you feel happy and in control. It’s probably true that people are more productive when they are happy, but does happiness really need to be justified?

Our philosophy

  • Strategy : Taking a simple idea through to a finished project by building a solid business foundation.
  • User Experience : UX is a crucial part of all our projects – ensuring a natural flow that everyone can use and enjoy.
  • Design : UX is a crucial part of all our projects – ensuring a natural flow that everyone can use and enjoy.
  • Development : Turning designs into code that we can then power with some coding magic.
  • E-commerce : Our favourite! We can help with all aspect from payments to fulfilment.

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